Thursday, May 10, 2018

Katelynn, there is simply no equivalent to you in my past. In the last week, you've made me feel emotions I've never felt before. I don't know why it was even a question of who I would love; it was you the entire time.

What I've actively told you about is only the tip of the iceberg of what I'd like to do with you. I want to take you on adventures, on vacations, and day trips. The romantic part of me wants to have candlelit dinners and relax on the beach in the moonlight. I want to get cozy with you while drinking hot chocolate on a cold night in December. I want to sit with you on a park bench watching the leaves fall in October.

And on school nights, I just want to drive out somewhere quiet and make out for an hour or two before returning home. I want to nap on a hammock with you on a warm night in June, and I'd make sure that come every February 14th, I only have one Valentine.

No matter what anyone says or has said to you, I want you to know that none of that matters to me. I already have an opinion of you, and that opinion is that I found someone worthy of my time and affection. I fell in love with the girl reading this, and no comment by anyone else can change that.

I love you.

- Sean Crain - May 10, 2018 -


Dear Sean,

I haven't written you a letter before, have I? That's weird. Let me tell you, I love to write, and what I feel for you does make me want to rant on for pages and pages, maybe even write my cringy poetry, but that's another thing, and uh... I'll only show you that if you ask.

Anyways, here's how it is, when (NAME REDACTED) and I split, I honestly thought I'd never be happy again. Strangely, I know, considering how terrible he was to me, but I did. As it turns out, you've already made me a lot happier than I ever was with him. Everything about you really is amazing... I love being around you, I miss you so much when you're gone. There's so much that I want to do with you. I could write another letter about that, if you'd like. But, heh, yeah...

Sorry that I'm so awkward. But... you make me really happy, and look forward to being yours for however long you want me to be, whatever amount of time that is.

I love you.

- Katelynn Jackson - May 11, 2018 -