External Copyright Policy:
1. Persons are not permitted to view unreleased scripts or release certain assets to the public.
2. Persons are permitted to use the Nosiphus logo in documents, provided they do not claim the logo as their own.
3. If one of our scripts is used in a play, Nosiphus reserves 100% of its rights to the play, but will only take 10% in royalties.

Internal Copyright Policy:
1. Scripts created by Nosiphus members are property of a said member. Members are granted 100% control over their works, including former members.
2. Members are required to grant an irrevocable license to Nosiphus to use the script for any reason whatsoever. Nosiphus will continue to pay 40% of all profits of Nosiphus productions as royalties to former members.
3. A work that was created by a member who joined Nosiphus at a later date can decide whether to enter the above policy.